If you`re a general contractor looking to start a business in the city of Chicago, there are some specific requirements you`ll need to meet. These requirements are designed to ensure that contractors operating in the city meet certain standards of professionalism and safety.

First and foremost, you`ll need to obtain a general contractor license from the city of Chicago. This license is issued by the Department of Buildings, which is responsible for enforcing building codes and regulations throughout the city. In order to obtain a license, you`ll need to:

1. Meet certain experience and education requirements. This typically involves completing a certain number of hours of relevant coursework or apprenticeship, and having a certain amount of experience working as a contractor.

2. Pass an exam. The exam covers topics like building codes, construction safety, and business practices.

3. Obtain insurance coverage. Contractors are required to carry certain types of insurance, such as liability insurance and workers` compensation insurance.

Once you`ve obtained your general contractor license, there are a few other requirements you`ll need to meet to keep it in good standing. For example, you`ll need to renew your license every two years and complete a certain number of continuing education credits. You`ll also need to comply with all building codes and regulations, as well as any specific requirements imposed by the city of Chicago.

Some contractors may also need to obtain additional licenses or permits depending on the type of work they`ll be doing. For example, if you`re planning to do electrical work, you`ll need to obtain an electrical contractor license from the city. Similarly, if you`ll be working on projects that involve plumbing or sprinkler system installation, you`ll need to obtain a plumbing contractor license.

Overall, the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a general contractor license in the city of Chicago can be complex. However, by working with an experienced attorney or consultant who specializes in these matters, you can ensure that you`re meeting all of the necessary requirements and operating your business legally and ethically.