#MoLS Diaspora Tech Homecoming: Entrepreneur Pitch and B2B connecting event was held on January13,2022 at Friendship Park with the presence of higher government officials. The purpose of the eventwas to bring together tech professionals and investors from abroad with Ethiopia’s innovators anddisruptors.

50+ selected startups attended the program and briefed participants on their product and service.The event was attended by representatives from private sectors providing services directly or indirectly related to FROG, incubators and accelerators, startups and entrepreneurs, diaspora in tech, Investors, developmental partners and government officials and key stakeholders who have direct and indirect roles in the digital economy of Ethiopia.

In her opening remarks, the Minister of Labor and Skills, Muferiat Kamil, emphasized that the government will continue the efforts to improve the legal framework, the ease of doing business, facilitate infrastructure development, and skills development program to encourage entrepreneurs and keep them engaged in every major activity.The MoLS, by engaging the private sector will continue to drive programs incubating entrepreneurs for they are future job creators rather than job seekers, and they are the backbone of a digital economy.