The Ministry of Labor and Skills (formerly known as FDRE Jobs Creation Commission) in partnership with the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) organized a half-day Symposium on the FROG Economy: Accelerating the creation of millions of jobs by 2030 on Tuesday, November 30. The Symposium is one of the components of the #Enkopa #EthiopianEntrepreneurshipAtWork movement within the EDGET program.

This Symposium was aimed at providing for participants to clarify the value of the FROG community, network, and work in partnership to accelerate job creation through digital in Ethiopia and also further to foster a FROG economy with opportunities for millions of citizens.

Participants were also briefed on the task force’s overall 1- year achievements, job opportunities, and future activities planned by the FROG communities. In addition, there was a two-panel discussion by various panelists on ‘FROG Enablement Through Data Sharing’ and ‘FROG Economy’. Among the points raised during the discussion was the digital economy is a crucial mode of employment for millions of citizens and should be supported with proper policy directives.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the private sector providing services directly or indirectly related to FROG, incubators and accelerators, key stakeholders who have direct and indirect roles in the FROG economy of Ethiopia, developmental partners, and public institutes.