The Bill Journeyfor the Ethiopian Startup Act

2021 2021 SEP2020 JUL-AUG2020 JUN2020 MAY2020 JAN-APR2020 JAN2020 NOV2019 OCT2019 The Ethiopian Startup Act to be ratified by the House of Peoples' Representatives. The Ministers Cabinet to approve the Ethiopian Startup Act. The legal draft is routed to the Attorney General for review. Consultative sessions are organized with private and public sector actors on the legal draft JCC finalizes the study. MInT starts the legal drafting of the proclamation. JCC experts hold consultative sessions with private and public sector actors JCC develops a comprehensive study for the Ethiopian Startup Act.Demand-driven act with extensive private sector consultations. A public/private National AdvisoryCouncil is formed. The Startup Act is one of the initiatives closely monitored by the council. A high level delegation goeson a FDI attraction and learning expedition to the Silicon Valley. The trip reinforces the urgent need for a piece of legislation enabling the startup ecosystem toflourish in Ethiopia. The JCC identifies the Startup Act as a key policy to develop the Ethiopian startup ecosystem

Why a Startup Act for Ethiopia?

Realize Ethiopia’s big potential for entrepreneurship and innovation, despite being a “sleeping giant”

Provide support for startups and innovative businesses who have different needs than traditional firms

Create knowledge based job opportunities

Enable a leap-frog effect in the economic development

Fostering the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

Startup Act Highlights

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