What is Enkopa?

A national movement to celebrate and promote Ethiopian Entrepreneurship stories, especially untold ones A movement with pan African ambition, to increase collaboration between African countries and collectively own the narrative on Entrepreneurship, to essentially re-brand our continent A national movement to encourage all stakeholders (engineers, startupers, ecosystem builders, entrepreneurs, policy makers, educators, etc.) to build a thriving Entrepreneurship ecosystem

Enkopa Summit taking place on October 12 and 13, 2023 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. For more details about early confirmed speakers and the preliminary agenda, visit www.enkopasummit.com

Why Enkopa

Because the MoLS, as the owner of the movement, is working in full synergy with other stakeholders on offering a nugget to the Entrepreneurship ecosystem, a financial Instrumentto invest in startups Because each stakeholder if clear-sighted can discover the gold ore it carries, and with hard work and dedication, can turn it into a gold nugget Because each Entrepreneur can be likened to gold ore, waiting to be uncovered and purified Because when brought together all entrepreneurs can become an economic and knowledge goldmine

What does 'Enkopa' mean:

Enkopa means gold ore in Geez, an Ethiopian ancient language

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